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Screen your customer's data with H-DSE


Banks and insurance companies, as well as all financial institutions, to comply with national and international regulations and their regulatory bodies, need to demonstrate the effectiveness of its internal controls concerning the anti-money laundering and the financing of terrorism through global programs.


HIDLO, a company specialized in customer data screening applications, designs and develops tools to help those institutions to better manage their controls and to effectively improve the relevance of their data screening applications.


HIDLO, created in 2018, is involved in the field of RegTech. It delivers operational solutions to make financial institutions meet the requirements of international regulatory compliance.


RegTech, derived from the words Regulation and Technology, refers to the use of new technologies to more effectively meet regulatory compliance requirements, and by extension start-ups and companies that develop tools to help financial institutions to define an effective approach to compliance based on these IT tools.

Thus, RegTech provides solutions in various areas of compliance such as KYC, financial transaction filtering, and customer data filtering.

HIDLO is precisely on this latter segment by delivering digital solutions designed to analyze alerts generated by other filtering applications for removing false positive alerts and highlighting the more relevant alerts.

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