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H3A, the robot that detects and removes false positives

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H3A  Alerts Analysis Automaton

The volume of alerts generated by a filtering application is generally quite large while a very small percentage (more or less 1%) of the generated alerts will be finally true alerts. The number of false positives is therefore very huge.

H3A  is a very powerful utility software allowing to detect and remove irrelevant alerts and to highlight sensitive alerts generated by your data screening platform. 

H3A  may be considered as an RPA-type tool (Robotic Process Automation) by analyzing through various logical controls as a human would perform to detect false positives but quicker and more reliability.

Then Alert Managers will devote their time and their attention to the management only of relevant alerts.

Our automaton easily integrates into the filtering process in place as shown in the diagram below:


Principle of integration of the H3A automaton into the existing filtering device  

The alert file generated by data filtering platform is automatically directed for analyze to H3A that will eliminate false positives and irrelevant alerts.


H3A produces 2 files  :

  • one for the alerts to be examined later by the Compliance teams when loaded in the alerts management dedicated tool.

  • one for the alerts that will be excluded from the alerts workflow. Those expurged alerts might be reviewed also


Principle of processing alerts by H3A 


H3A additional modules 

A set of complementary solutions can be added to increase  the capabilities of the H3A automate.

H3A-SL is a module to automatic update of the H3A decision matrix through a supervised learning mechanism based on alert qualification data made by the Compliance team.

H3A-TRS  is a Web Application design to ensure complete traceability of the alerts removed by the H3A automaton. H3A-TRS allows to get various reporting and statistic on removed alerts.